Church History


Shady Grove got its start back in the late eighteen hundreds. This community was worshipping in an old school house down a country road which is now called Egypt Church Road. It was about 1910 when land was given to the members for a church by the May Family. The church was called Shady Grove since it was located in a grove of shade trees. The church held services in the Gideon hall Building, which belonged to Brother Ernest Hall, while the church was being built. Rev. Phil Hedgespeth laid the foundation with the help of some of the members. Timber was donated by some of the members for the building. After completion of the church the members agreed to rename the church to May Shady Grove Baptist Church, since the Mays had given the land. The name was later changed to Shady Grove Missionary Baptist Church. In July of 1970, it was decided we would rebuild since our building was deteriorating faster than we could repair. This was a happy, but sad time. It was happy because God had enabled us to take on such a strong task as rebuilding and sad because the old structure held so many sentimental meanings for so many of us.

The foundation for our present building was laid in August of 1974. We can say that God has truly blessed us here at Shady Grove, because we can see how God took a little building, a few people, blessed them and multiplied like only He could do with our present day edifice. Out of this branch of Zion, He has blessed us with preachers, teachers, musicians, proprietors, accountants, managers, supervisors, nurses and too many others to name. Shady Grove has been blessed to have had six Pastors and one interim: Rev. Phil Hedgepeth, Rev. Joseph McKnight (interim), Rev. S.G. Dunston, Rev. W. H. Burgess, Rev. James Malton, Rev. Thomas Richardson and our present Pastor, Rev. John A. Hopkins, Sr.

We here at Shady Grove Missionary Baptist Church can say “To God be the glory for the great things He has done!”

Rev. James Malton

Rev. James Malton (Under Construction)

Rev. Joseph McKnight

Rev. Joseph McKnight (interim) (Under Construction)

Rev. Phil Hedgepeth

Rev. Phil Hedgepeth (Under Construction)

Rev. S.G. Dunston

Rev. S.G. Dunston (Under Construction)

Rev. Thomas Richardson

Rev. Thomas Richardson (Under Construction)

Rev. W. H. Burgess

Rev. W. H. Burgess (Under Construction)